Mediation at purchasing art for garden and public space

The way I operate

Choosing a work of art is a very personal matter and each situation is unique. The same can be said of my approach.

Art in your garden, home or company

During an orienting meeting, my goal is to obtain a clear understanding of which piece of art fits you and your expectations the most. To give you an impression of the several options, I will show you digitally an extensive selection of the concerning works of art.
Once you've become enthusiastic enough to place an order, I start my search, charging a starting tariff.
In case you haven't been able to choose from the selected options, but feel drawn to the work of a certain artist, I can offer you the possibility of having a personal piece of art made. All after consulting the artist, of course.
Buro voor Buitenkunst remains the contact for all parties concerned until the the work of art is actually being placed.

Art in your interior.

Would you like to connect the atmosphere of your home with your garden? In that case art can play an important role.
The options for indoor and outdoor spaces are endless, thanks to my enormous network of artists and renowned galeries.
If you are looking for work of a specific artist for your art collection, Buro voor Buitenkunst is also the contact to connect to.

Art proposition

Commissioned by garden- and interior architects I also arrange art propositions.